1905-O Barber Dime “Micro O”

The 1905-O “Micro O” Barber Dime is one of just two red book varieties listed for the series, but a very popular variety. Walter Breen considered this issue to be rare, as just one example was known to him in uncirculated condition. Presently, the two major grading companies list eleven examples in mint state grades, although this may include some resubmissions.

This variety was created when a mintmark punch intended for a quarter was used on a dime reverse die. The design of the quarters made those mintmarks actually smaller, although the coins obviously were larger. This variety was discovered by Howard R. Newcomb, and first published in June 1912.

Prices for this issue have somewhat slowed down, but uncirculated examples are still very much in demand by Barber Dime specialists.