1892-S Barber Dime

The 1892-S Barber Dime represents the first year of issue for the new series. Coins were produced at Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco, but the latter mint produced the smallest number. The mintage was 990,710 pieces, which is low enough to make it generally considered to be a scarce issue.

Although a number of pieces were likely saved as souvenirs, the 1892-S Barber Dime represents an elusive issue in the highest mint state grades. The major grading services PCGS and NGC report only four coins graded MS66, with none finer. The last example to appear at auction was graded by PCGS and realized $25,300 in January 2005.

Prices are more reasonable for gem condition coins, with prices ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 or higher for superlative coins. Circulated examples are much easier to come by and can be obtained in low grades for under $100.